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Chef and Life Coach Jaime Mestan RCA

Besides being an R&D Chef, mother, wife, author and Certified Life Coach, I'm also human like you. Before I realized there were food science careers and culinary product development opportunities, I was lost. Now, I am your travel guide. Work with me, one on one, to help you realize all of the options available to you that fit your lifestyle, passions, and future goals.

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The world is constantly evolving.

The Food & Beverage Industry  is growing faster than ever before and  now is your time to formulate your future with guidance and become what you never knew was possible. 

Whether you are a student, seasoned chef,  or have always had a burning passion to do something with food there's still time to realize your true calling and reach your full potential. Let's be clear, I am not a recruiter, more of a career coach. When we work together  I will help uncover what your strengths are and what you will need to do to get on the correct path that works with your lifestyle. I am here to help guide you in a direction that makes sense for you right now and the future you will formulate. 

I created Line2Lab to coach and mentor food industry people into the product development sector with the intent of bridging any gaps with my experiences to find the right path for everyone. “Line” pays homage to a standard kitchen line in a restaurant and “Lab” represents the product development world. The number “2” represents working one on one with me (1+1=2). Mush them all together and voila, Line2Lab was born.

The world is constantly evolving, why shouldn't you?

There's a saying that too may cooks spoil the broth. Well that's not the case with Product Development. It takes teams of Chefs, Food scientists, Food Technologists, Flavorologists, Marketing Specialists, Packaging Engineers  and many more to collaborate to launch successful food and beverage products. Line2Lab is dedicated to bringing those opportunities to life to those who are ready to take the next step and uncover the other side of the Food Industry that feeds the world, daily. 

Let's get  you on your path to a food science career or culinary product development opportunities you never thought were available to you. The Food & Beverage Industry  is growing faster than ever before and  now is your time to formulate your future and become what you never thought was possible.  

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